Earth & Fire Exhibitors

CPA Associates


John West



John work is mainly functional and is made to be held, used and loved. He uses a combinations of sands and clays from the local rivers and ashes of found materials to make slips and glazes to enhance the forms.

Jasmina Ajzenkol

West Midlands


One-off pieces of ceramic art in the form of vessels inspired by nature and life forms.

The Craft Potters Association was formed in 1958 to promote the work of its members and to increase public awareness of contemporary studio pottery. It has a membership of over three hundred Selected and Fellow members and over seven hundred Associates. Shared stalls give associates, many of whom are starting their careers, an opportunity to meet the public.

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Roos Eisma



Roos hand-builds her work in stoneware, and decorates them with textured glazes. Her work focuses on sculptural vases which are built double-walled, which creates a sense of solidity with contrast between inside and outside.

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Olwyn KW



Individual porcelain pieces, thrown on the wheel and allowed to harden, before being intricately carved. After a first biscuit firing some sections are polished and others glazed to create contrasting textures and colours.


Jan Howard



Working from her studio in Whitstable in Kent Jan produces functional ceramic pieces red to stoneware temperature. Her domestic ware has been designed to be comfortable to use and beautiful to look at, yet always with functionality in mind.

Denis Di Luca

East Sussex


Individual one off pieces using Raku, Naked Raku, Raku Dolce, Saggar Firing, Obvara and Horse Hair decoration.