2018 Exhibitor

CPA Associates


Diane Griffin




Diane uses a combination of techniques - slip casting and hand building to create paper-like scrolls, sometimes single scrolls as a bud vase and other times pushed together to form a sculptural focus on a larger vase

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Jan Griffiths




Jan's work largely involves using a 'Raku' process of firing , a technique evolving in japan. The pieces have a second firing in an outdoor kiln and whilst still glowing red hot removed individually  and placed in a container with combustible materials such as leaves and sawdust.

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North Abi 3

Abigail North




Abigail makes delicate hand thrown and hand decorated contemporary ceramics, working in a granite barn on the north-eastern edge of Dartmoor.  


Julia T Smith



Julia has recently graduated from Central Saint Martins and see's her ceramic practice as a necessary and mutual conversation between herself and the clay; connecting and engaging in a tacit communication with this formless material

John West




John works in stoneware,his work is almost entirely functional with an emphasis towards being used in the home and garden.  

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Lesley Nason




Lesley works from a small pottery located in an outbuilding down the bottom of her garden in beautiful Derbyshire. She creates atmospheric porcelain wall art, decorative vessels and contemporary ceramic jewellery.

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